We’ve just released version 1.2 of Alfresco Activiti, bringing another collection of goodies for Simple and Smart Business Process Management. In this post, I’ll highlight what the features are and subsequent posts will show how some of these can be used creatively for solving real world challenges.

Most importantly for our large non-English customer base, the user interface is now available in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. It picks up what language to use from your browser setting, so you should just magically see the new language if one is your default.

If you’re an Alfresco One user and have been hankering for Alfresco Activiti’s easy process and forms design but from within Share, then this will be a very exciting release for you! We have an Activiti Connector for Share that substitutes the Share workflow user interface with processes and forms from Activiti. Design a process with the Step Editor, including drag & drop forms layout, publish it, and it instantly appears within Share when you start a workflow against one or more documents. Not only that, those workflows now have the same collaboration possibilities as Activiti. The process analytics are also available, including a new Process Heat Map report to highlight bottlenecks or most used tasks.

Couple this with the new easy REST Step or Task and you can define custom Alfresco One webscripts that can be called from your processes to automate anything. There’s also support for publishing content to Alfresco on-premise repositories as well as Alfresco Cloud.

While we’re on the Kickstart Editors, there’s now support for defining a Due Date that can be taken relative to the task starting, or from a value entered in a form earlier in the process. Assignees can also be set using a person or group selected earlier. You could use this to have a step in your process where another user is asked who should get a subsequent task and the due date for it. There’s a whole bunch of other improvements for forms layout and control enhancements.

One thing we get asked for frequently is the ability to generate PDF documents that record all the details of a process as an audit trail, with timestamps and form data. Yes, that’s now in 1.2, easily accessed by the end user, or used as part of a process definition. There are a slew of other enhancements in the Administration app as well, to make configuration and monitoring easier.

Although it’s only a few months since the last release, we’ve managed to bring out another BPM bonanza!

Another BPM Step Forward for Alfresco