Solving a large number of content classification problems with AI(artificial intelligence)

For the processing of massive irregular information, usually need to use the way that depend on human mind of reading and understanding to identify and classify, and then transferred to follow-up processing.
The latest Artificial Intelligence technology has DEEP LEARNING ability, and trained systems can greatly replace human workload. The ability of computer's ultra high-speed processing makes the efficiency increased quicklly. The roles of human that from mainly position change to auxiliary position.

The following is a use case using AI that as a module is integrated in Alfresco: 

Compare file differences

Sometimes we need to compare the differences between two Microsoft Word files, or the differences between one file but with different versions. It going to take a lot of time for people doing it manually, it’s tired and easy to make mistakes.

With file compare, you can compare Word files automatically. All you need to do is move the files you want to compare in a same folder, it will automatically generate a new differential file.

When you open the differential file, you’ll see all differences points within in the files.

Steps for comparing different files:

  1. There are two more actions in actions list, “Compare with another Word file” or “Compare with previous version”. We’ll choose “Compare with another Word file” here.


Alfresco private share link and password

Quick share is an out-of-the-box feature provided by Alfresco, it can generate a public share link for documents within Alfresco, anyone can view (or download) the file as long as they have the link.

What we are offering here is to deliver a solution like Baidu Cloud, generate another private, much more secure access method to share your documents with external personnel, so people without Alfresco account are able to view and download documents.

To be specifically, it’s a link with a random 4 digits generated password, only people with link and password can view or download documents.

This feature is quite similar to Baidu Cloud, what’s more here is we can also let you set an expire date for your link. The link will be automatically disabled since the expire date.

  1. There is an...

Access Control - IP Address Whitelist

How to force access content on a specified computer? – Access control – IP address white list

For some units with higher security requirements, they may require the system only can be accessed at a specified location. Or only with specified IP address has permission to access some specified directories. A brief summary of specific functions is as follows:

  1. For specified directory, you can only access it using the predefined IP address, otherwise, even with valid login privileges and read, write permissions, you still not be able to open that directory folder.
  2. You will be warned if you are not using specified IP address.
  3. The administrator can set up what folders need to be monitored dynamically.
  4. The administrator can set up IP address white list dynamically.

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Wechat module

Wechat Module
Wechat has 700 million active users in China, almost everyone with a smart phone us Wechat. People can use it for business, communication, information sharing, and payment as well.
Wechat public accounts are the “second life” of enterprise images, and it always requires materials and contents for the maintenance and management of Wechat accounts. Collecting and arranging these materials and contents, and their editing, typesetting, sending, getting feedback, storing, information re-exploring, the flow control of content releasing, and the content making coordination, preview and version rely on Alfresco to finish.
Alfresco Wechat module can manage many public accounts at the same time, and the management of followers of each public accounts is separate, as each public account is a site.
Wechat module can be used to customize each kind of policy regarding auto sending and...