Reclaim control of your contracts, bring security to your organization and put profits in your pocket 

Are your procurement and legal people overloaded with contract work? Have you ever forgotten a notice and extended a contract without realizing it? Have you ever missed the chance of re-negotiating and achieving better terms? Do you need to formulate contractual clauses from scratch or copy them from old contracts again and again, and thus have no security regarding their consistency, timeliness and legality? Is contract data managed in department-specific spreadsheets, databases or local file systems?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are lacking the total overview of all contracts. All this costs time and money and can also have legal consequences. 

Create and manage contracts in an efficient and compliant way 

Contract management with Alfresco Workdesk allows the transparent and efficient creation, management, monitoring, and archiving of any kind of contract and related business correspondence, leveraging the proven Alfresco One content platform. It replaces department-specific, isolated applications and is quickly configured by a business administrator for different contract types to match your company’s business rules.

Electronic contract files with a predefined structure are created at the push of a button. A pool of approved templates with up-to-date clauses assists clerks in creating contract-related documents. Fields in Microsoft Word documents are filled with metadata, such as a contract number, right from Alfresco. This is fast and convenient, and ensures data consistency. Furthermore, compliance is automatically achieved by tracking and auditing what happens to the contracts via the integration with the Alfresco One Records Management module. 

Accelerate approval of contracts and have a consistent overview 

Predefined workflows in Alfresco Workdesk's contract management solution help process, approve and monitor contracts in a fast and efficient manner, by automatically including the necessary departments at your company. The “smart business role” concept within Alfresco Workdesk guarantees that clerks using this solution only get information and functionality they need according to their designated roles in the contract creation and approval process.

Reports on contract status and searches for expiring contracts make deadline monitoring easy and transparent. This allows you to terminate contracts on time or re-negotiate better terms. 

Reduce time to value and empower the business users 

Contract management in Alfresco Workdesk contains everything your company needs for managing the lifecycle of contracts out-of-the-box. With the contract management-specific interface, business users can create new contract templates with customer specific structures and sets of properties by simple configuration. And add new document templates that embed these properties as well as company specifics. Predefined business roles and workflows for administering, creating, approving, and monitoring contracts immediately empower business users according to their specific responsibilities. The predefined workflows can be extended to cover more complex approval processes. This helps get your contract management solution up and running quickly. 

Leverage the entire Alfresco software stack 

Contract management in Alfresco Workdesk is based on the Alfresco One content platform and the Activiti business process engine. It leverages your investment and expertise in these platforms and lets you use them for the support of your contract management needs. 

Benefits of contract management with Alfresco Workdesk 

  • Improve efficiency - Streamline the processes of creating and managing contracts
  • Short time-to-value – Quick implementation and high user adoption by “smart business roles” and seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • Get back control – Get the overview for the entire lifecycle of all your contracts
  • Save money - Never miss a chance of re-negotiating a contract
  • Consolidate - Use the Alfresco One content platform for critical Procurement and Legal content too
  • Compliance - Ensured by audit trails and usage with the Alfresco One Records Management module