Many companies are searching for ways to automate document-centric processes to improve business efficiency.  Alfresco can be so much more than a document archive or a secure extranet solution. By implementing rules and custom document workflow actions within the platform, Alfresco can automate your business processes – saving you time and money, and freeing up resources.  Alfresco's own standards-based document management workflow engine, Activiti, is embedded in the Alfresco platform, and enables: 

Rules-driven task assignment

Automatically assign actions to appropriate individuals or teams to streamline your internal processes.  Calibrate to your specific business process by defining reviewers, approvers, administrators or other custom assignee statuses 

User dashboards

Can provide real-time views of all document workflows currently in progress, enabling users to easily see and prioritize incomplete actions. Notifications can also be set up to alert users when they have outstanding tasks assigned to them. 

Folder rules

A simple point and click interface allows users to define processing rules for individual folders. The rules can run one or more associated actions when the rule is met. For example, rules can be implemented to automatically convert files into a PDF format ready for publishing to an Internet or Intranet 

Customization options

Using simple configuration tools, new process definitions can be built and deployed to support any business process. Tight integration allows individual document workflow steps to be assigned that automatically change content state (i.e. from ‘In Review’ to ‘Approved’) 

Business Process Integration
The Activiti workflow engine is tightly integrated with Alfresco, but can also be used to drive other business processes within your organization. For instance, Activit can integrate into a CRM or ERP application to make updates based on document flows in Alfresco

Watch this video to see the Activiti document workflow in action