We are now living in the world of the extended enterprise, where cross-functional teams rarely share the same building, country, time zone or even employer.  During an average day, users may need to collaborate with partners, external agencies, consultants, customers, contractors or prospects. Do they go around IT and use consumer-focused cloud services? Or must they cobble together collaboration using email?  Alfresco provides another option: a consumer-like file sharing experience, with the control and security of IT. 

Alfresco hybrid ECM

Alfresco is the only ECM solution that runs on-premise and in the cloud. With powerful synchronisation between the two, content is always kept in sync and secure file sharing occurs under the control of the enterprise 

Public file share

Need to share content to a wide audience? The Alfresco public share feature allows you to share, or unshare, a short-url (via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) of the document without moving the document from Alfresco 

Full audit control

Full audit control shows who made changes and when. Changes in the cloud are synced-back to on-premise, so you always see the most current, up-to date version 

Cloud security

Each company has a secure file sharing network within Alfresco in the cloud. With on-premise content synced to the cloud, you can grant external collaborators access to the documents they need without having to circumvent the firewall or encounter VPN issues, effectively creating an extranet for secure document management 

Customizable access levels

Only share the content you want with the people who need it. Grant permissions for specific people to access particular cloud-synced sites and folders, and revoke permissions when projects are completed, maintaining the security of your content 

Access from web, PC, tablet and smartphone

Gone are the days when all work was done in the office.  Tablets and smartphones are mobilizing the workforce and increasing productivity. With Alfresco, all your vital content is up-to-date and accessible on tablets and smartphones via the Alfresco Moble apps. 

Viral user adoption

The collaborative features and ease of use will make Alfresco a secure file sharing solution that employees want to use, leading to greater user adoption. Get users on board in the cloud first, using the intuitive Alfresco interface, and the value can start to be noticed immediately.