Today's websites are becoming more and more complex, with greater amounts of dynamic content, interactivity, personalization and user-generated content. Alfresco is a platform that enables the publishing of content to the web through web content platform partners and is an important piece of a comprehensive web infrastructure. Specifically, Alfresco enables:

Flexible customization by web application developers
Easy content updates by business users, with content tools and web content platforms they already use
Integration of web publishing into businesses, with audit capability 

Publish to social channels

Wouldn't it be great to be able to share your stored documents directly to social channels (Facebook, Flicker, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) without having to upload the content to 3rd party site? Get the link, shrink it and then share it:  Alfresco enables the automatic sharing of online documents and content directly to social media channels. Check out the Social Publishing data sheet for more information. 

Integrate with your existing applications

Alfresco's web content services allows collaborative web content creation.  Using the tools they are already familiar with, users can edit in their browser, within MSOffice or creative tools - or just by updating a file on the shared network drive, using Alfresco's support for industry standards (CIFS and WebDAV) 

Deploy content from Alfresco to your web content server

Alfresco allows for easy integration with your existing web applications such as Drupal and Liferay, or your custom web app.  Use Alfresco to manage the creation, review and approval process. Then utilize the power of open standards to serve content directly to your website without adding any further infrastructure or services 

Web Content Management -  Partner Solutions

These Alfresco partners build full web experience management capability on top of Alfresco's powerful content management and workflow:

by Appnovation Technologies
Canopy by Appnovation integrates Drupal and Alfresco so that content is replicated across both platforms.

Crafter WCM
by Crafter Software
Crafter WCM provides the only full-featured, fully integrated web content management solution for Alfresco.