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Who is the Alfresco

At Alfresco, we believe that business is a continuous flow of information and decisions, and our mission is to achieve this process quickly, seamlessly and intelligently. Alfresco's customers rely on our open modern platform to digitize key business processes and quickly and easily connect people with the information they need. Our vibrant global ecosystem includes more than 200 solution partners and thousands of open source developers

How to choose?


Small businesses

Not many, but either more or more complex.

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Medium-sized enterprise

Hundreds of people, or hundreds of people, the content and the process became more complex.

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A large enterprise

Hundreds of people, tens of thousands of people may also have a variety of complex business.

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Application scenarios

Financial services

Alfresco is working with leading Banks and insurers of all sizes around the world to manage customer information in a hybrid model using cloud and mobile technologies, content and process management technologies. Alfresco enables financial services institutions to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and ensure auditability and compliance.

Health care

Alfresco has changed the way patient information is managed, Shared and processed, making it paperless and mobile, while removing barriers to more collaborative work. Alfresco can complement and extend your existing electronic medical record (EMRs) to help you better manage patient data and automate clinical processes - enabling clinicians to really focus on patients.

Government agencies,

By phasing out paper, simplifying business processes, and leveraging the power of open source and cloud technologies, Alfresco helps governments manage large amounts of valuable government documents and records while providing strong security for sensitive and confidential content.


By providing a flexible, reliable, and extensible platform, Alfresco simplifies the publishing process for publishers while keeping all of your organization's content in one place. To date, many of the world's largest and best-known publishing and media companies, including Pearson and Oxford University press, have relied on Alfresco to create, manage and disseminate their content.

Manufacturing industry

Through a modern and flexible architecture, Alfresco helps traditional manufacturers and high-tech companies modernize their processes and maintain the accuracy and accessibility of information throughout the company's value chain. To ensure that error-free, approved and timely information is provided to those in need.

The insurance industry

Alfresco can easily integrate with core insurance systems and accelerate the flow of information throughout the insurance business chain through automation. By using Alfresco's digital document-driven process, insurers can transform transactions throughout a customer's journey - from filing applications, underwriting and claims to ongoing communication with policy holders.

Let the business flow

Alfresco is an open source software company that provides "fast," "seamless" and "smart" solutions for businesses (and organizations). Our software is supporting the daily work of more than 11 million users in 195 countries (distributed in industry leading organizations).