Alfresco mobile terminal

You can use Alfresco on your phone or tablet (which supports apple's iOS, the iPhone or iPad, and Android) just as you would on a computer.

Desktop widget

  • Alfresco provides a variety of desktop widgets with which you can quickly access the folders you want. You can also create text files or images directly into the Alfresco system on the mobile side, and you can also specify the default save location to save time

View the activities

  • Use mobile devices (tablets or phones) to see what's going on in Alfresco, who's doing what, when, etc

View and create tasks (workflows)

  • You can view and create tasks on the mobile side, including launching workflows

Preview images, video and files

  • Preview images, video, and files on the mobile side, and you can view each document as you would on a computer, document properties, document version information, and so on

View document version information

  • When you look at the version information, you can see who modified the document each time it was modified. When is the revision time?

Document sharing

  • On the mobile side, you can freely share documents, such as Alfresco documents in WeChat Wechat way to another person, or QQ, weibo, email and so on

Document search

  • You can search for documents in Alfresco on the mobile side, and you can do all kinds of full text retrieval and property retrieval

Upload document

  • Upload files directly to Alfresco from your tablet or phone, and you can change the name, description, or even tag the file as you upload it