A mini program that Alfresco

Thanks to Alfresco's powerful openness and extensibility, any system can be integrated with it. It enables the developer to make many powerful and efficient functions according to the needs of different users on the basis of her, and at the same time provides users with more imagination space.

View workflow information and complete work tasks

  • The Alfresco applet supports querying workflow tasks based on different task states, and clicking on the task entry to enter the task edit can publish the task comment and complete the task

View user activity on the system

  • The Alfresco applet can get all the activity information in the system and show it to the user with the relevant permissions to monitor all the operations in the system

Instant file upload

  • The Alfresco applet can get the system album and upload video and photos, or it can upload to Alfresco by selecting a file in the message session

Provides powerful file management capabilities

  • Alfresco mini program provides a powerful file management function, can support bulk download pictures, CRUD on the file, as well as sharing and collection

The file preview

  • Alfresco mini program support online preview files, pictures, video (support all office files)

View document information

  • Alfresco applet provides real-time view of the file information, and each version of the information content, system members of the file comments, and published file comments

Total station search

  • Alfresco mini program to support full text search, filter files, people and sites

Alfresco integration WeChat mini program to provide the imagination

1. Mobile workflow office

2. Use biometric authentication (fingerprint, face, voice) to access the system and even encrypt files

3. Online generation of electronic invoices, batch update query invoice information

4. Price different files and download files can only be previewed after payment

5. Record audio video in real time and save it into Alfresco

6. Obtain the location information of the user's area map, and identify the release location of the file with coordinates

7. Data reporting: whenever a user operates through a mini program, it can monitor its operation and report the customized data to the management end for data monitoring

Advantages of mini programs

1. Convenient and quick, namely walk away immediately

2. Low development cost and easy maintenance

3. Fast speed, no memory consumption

4. Safe and stable, with strong confidentiality

5. Rich functions and rich scenes