Definition of large enterprise:

There are hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people in the enterprise.

Enterprise business is divided into different levels and different directions, they are often related, sometimes not related. There are people, content, and process issues in the business direction that need a good software tool and fear that it won't be able to keep up with changing business trends. Then Alfresco content service + process service is your choice. It is also the world's largest content flow service system with the largest number of users.

To solvepeople,contentandprocessIn order to maximize the efficiency and gradually to digital office conversion

Alfresco content services provide open source, flexible, and highly extensible enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities. No matter where you are and how you work, you have access to content, and Alfresco can easily integrate with your other business applications.

The Alfresco Content Services enables your Content to be truly applicable to you -- so business flows. Add context to your content to better support decision making and increase productivity. Strengthen information management and control, in your enterprise internal and external, easier and more secure collaboration.

Business advantages

1.Open source, easy to integrate and extend- built on an open source core, supporting open standards, open APIs, and easy integration to customize and extend to your individual needs

  • Support for Microsoft Office, Outlook and other applications out of the box
  • Open apis and unparalleled support for open standards, including CMIS, CIFS, and WebDAV
  • A wide range of pre-built integrations and solutions are available, including SAP, AutoCAD, and more

2.Access and collaborate on content anywhere- people can access, search and collaborate on content from a variety of devices they use on a daily basis. For example, web pages, mobile and Windows desktop are the same

  • Smart folders and dynamic search - supports automatic Suggestions, filtering and content preview to make content retrieval faster
  • Rich collaboration capabilities - includes team sites, version tracking, discussion threads, project wikis, task lists, and live updates
  • IOS and Android apps provide encryption on the device, offline access, task query and approval

3.Make content and process seamless- let Alfresco, content and processes go hand in hand to optimize the flow of information in your enterprise

  • Task and workflow creation is simple, which effectively increases productivity, and the view and approval workflow can be extended beyond the firewall
  • Rules and actions allow you to manipulate complex document processing without development overhead
  • Smart folders and powerful metadata capabilities allow you to present content within your business scope, which is especially useful in case management

4.Simplification of information control- reduce business risk and enhance compliance by combining simple and unmatched controls through information control functions

  • Simple and automated record declarations always apply to information control policies with little or no user intervention
  • Access control, the combination of security level and security mark to achieve high - precision permission control

5.Enterprise level security and scale- manage billions of documents with strong security controls to protect your valuable business assets

  • A high availability architecture that makes it easy to configure clusters
  • Multilevel security, including content encryption in transit and at rest
  • Strong monitoring and auditing of visibility and control
  • Sophisticated access control to secure business critical content

To solvepeople,contentandprocessIn order to maximize the efficiency and gradually to digital office conversion

Alfresco process services provides a modern enterprise-wide BPM platform that enables business users, developers, or system administrators to digitize a wide variety of business processes. For example, our customers have successfully increased their operational efficiency and user satisfaction by digitizing key business processes. These key business processes include: customer boarding, customer discount tracking, patient care pathways, travel applications, emergency room triage, fiber optic contracts, investment services, and more.

Alfresco process services combines a high-performance BPMN engine and business-friendly tools with analytics to enable each process to be easily and easily automated. The platform is extremely flexible and scalable, enabling enterprises to quickly design, deploy, and adapt to custom processes.

Business advantages

1.Change operation mode- highly connected processes greatly improve service levels, streamline operations, and provide a lasting competitive advantage

2.The user controls everything- simple tools allow users to quickly create and modify processes, forms, or business rules, eliminating technical bottlenecks and accelerating innovation

  • Graphical tools, including a step editor and a BPMN editor, simplify the creation and deployment of new processes
  • Drag-and-drop forms and rules editors let users define and share forms, as well as DMN decision tables
  • Data integration makes it easier to access enterprise information and update critical business data in the process
  • Process apps can organize similar processes and deploy them to selected end users

3.Enhances the- support for dynamic, collaborative, and mobile applications that allow users to work anywhere, anytime, without any limitations

  • Ability to quickly complete key business processes through direct access to all information, tasks, and documents
  • Collaboration is much more concise and efficient, with non-routine processes in which tasks are accomplished by inviting others; Share documents and comments in a task
  • Ability to create your own checklists
  • Start, monitor, and complete tasks on web and mobile devices

4.Reduce complexity- open source and open standards make integration easy, accelerate deployment, and guarantee future flexibility

  • Support for industry standards BPMN and DMN to make migration easier
  • The custom form fields feature lets developers create new page controls
  • Add process attachment content or publish content to Alfresco content service
  • Java-based content engines and support for open and well-documented REST apis make it easy to extend the platform
  • The modern REST architecture simplifies process choreography across multiple business applications
  • Combining Alfresco process services with Alfresco application development framework, based on reusable and open source Angular 2 components and services, developers can quickly build custom web and mobile business applications

5.The process of compliance

  • Tightly integrated Alfresco content services enable processes to drive compliance and logging activities (for example, to automatically declare documents opened by an account as records)
  • Automating document creation based on process execution, documenting data collection in claims and process history, enables organizations to automate many time-consuming compliance activities
  • Integrate with other content sharing systems to keep content and processes under constant compliance control

Alfresco record management and information governance solution makes information governance no longer complicated (in compliance with the general functional requirements of Chinese national standard GB/T 29194-2012 electronic file management system).

The Alfresco governance service dramatically enhances information governance compliance by seamlessly integrating record management into business processes and automating the entire record lifecycle from capture to retention to eventual destruction, combining simplicity and control.

Alfresco provides a highly scalable, open source record management solution that meets the general functional requirements of China's national standard GB/T 29194-2012 electronic file management system, and manages all types of business content and enterprise records, including electronic documents, images, e-mails, video and physical records.

Business advantages

1.Automated record management- record management is so simple, automatic and invisible management of users, to better ensure compliance, let you effortlessly

  • With little or no user involvement, automated record management is perfectly suited to the user's job
  • Save time for users and administrators by archiving, querying, viewing, and auditing records through powerful tools and business processes
  • Maintain compliance with information governance policies, determine what needs to be declared as records through easy-to-set rules, and where should it be filed in the classification scheme

2.Make managing the entire record lifecycle simple and easy- Alfresco has spent hundreds of hours with record managers, compliance officers, security managers and administrators to understand and reduce challenges to meeting governance requirements. Ultimately, Alfresco presents an easy to manage, secure and compliant record management system.

  • Control all content - minimize the risk of unmanaged information through a single repository for business content and enterprise records
  • Automate the entire record lifecycle through rules, whether it is record declarations, retention policies, how and when records are destroyed, migrated, and archived
  • Reduce administrative costs through recording processes, including viewing and disposition, holding, eDiscorvery, error handling and inventory and physical transfer records

3.Complete integration with content and business processes- integrate with Alfresco content services and process services to drive compliance across the information lifecycle through processes - from capture, archiving, to retention, to destruction or eventual archiving

  • Provides business process templates for handling view, record declaration, inventory, and transfer of physical records
  • Records can be declared automatically at the end of the business process and have an audit trail
  • Records can be placed in multiple holding states to prevent changes, and disposal operations can be suspended as part of the eDiscover process

4.Local record management- with many enterprises' content and records distributed across many different systems, the Alfresco governance service is able to manage records in place for centralized control without the need for expensive content migration

  • Manage records placed in different systems; More than 70 connectors are available, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Opentext, Documentum, IBM Filenet, SAP,, and Box
  • Create and maintain categorized scenarios and retention plans centrally, and always apply them in traditional applications
  • Provides a customizable search view for joint searches of eDiscovery or hold requests on traditional systems

5.Safety, compliance and audit- security models, audit trails and processes to protect critical business content and records with sufficient confidence to present compliance

  • Any actions attributed to the record automate the generation of the audit log, and optionally archive the audit report as a record, as well as create a destroy certificate or chain of custody file
  • Define record management roles and permissions based on users and groups that match your business needs
  • Configure security classifications and tags for additional, easily implemented levels of security beyond access control lists and permissions

Modern Alfresco front-end framework to quickly build mobile-ready applications and intelligently enable content and processes

The Alfresco Application Development Framework provides a set of reusable, customizable page components that allow developers to quickly build mobile applications that interact with content and process services on Alfresco's digital platform. The Alfresco Application Development Framework enables Development and IT teams to:

  1. Provide excellent experience for employees and customers
  2. Build smart digital business solutions quickly and iteratively

Business advantages

1.Accelerate the value of time- provide enterprise users with initial solutions in a matter of days, while continuing to innovate and add more value-added business value without compromising the attractive experience design

  • Quick start with application generator - the Alfresco application development framework includes a Yeoman generator that can generate a default template-based application for you in under 3 minutes, speeding up the development process through a structured project, and customizing the results to meet customer needs

2.Great experiences drive adoption- drive your digital transformation by modernizing, mobile-ready business applications that customers and employees can quickly accept

  • Developers have the flexibility to build engaging digital solutions that drive adoption by satisfying customers' personalized business needs while integrating with existing systems
  • Use Google Material Design, which can also be replaced with other CSS frameworks of your choice, such as Bootstrap or Foundation

3.Connect people, content, and processes- by combining pre-built processes and content design components, by bringing people, content and processes together, developers can quickly deliver valuable and unique digital solutions while meeting government and industry regulations

4.Open, modern industry standards- the Alfresco application development framework is open source and is based on enterprise-specific Web technologies, including Angular, JavaScript, Material Design, and REST services

  • Alfresco presents - provides many pre-built components, and fully functional rich presents components, for example, you can easily combine documents list component, and the task list process components to provide a set of sorting, column configuration and search functions as one of the page, users can view their process tasks, the history and current state, etc. Each component has complete documentation, sample code, and highly automated test coverage