Use the Alfresco security tool to control access to all files

Secure File

The protection of business secrets, intellectual property rights and key information must be the top priority of every business environment. Corporate employees share documents and dossiers with their colleagues, clients and partners, which are often kept strictly confidential. Content data is encrypted to reduce the risk of unauthorized users accessing the data.

Alfresco's file encoding has been raised to a new level. A secure, robust, and reliable platform protects collaboration among employees and allows you to share files and folders securely with individuals and groups within and outside the organization.

Set the password to ensure that only you and the authorized person can access and edit the content. Use different codes to determine which documents are readable, such as whether to prohibit or allow printing, downloading, or copying.

Protection of commercial interests

  • Protect your files with one key
  • Central control and management
  • Secure Shared files
  • Compliance with control rules
  • Assign file access rights
  • Share files and folders through Alfresco
  • Keep your files safe at all times

Safety features

  • Using 256-bit AES 256-bit PDF coding, Adobe Acrobat is the most advanced and secure coding system.
  • Additional secure files - use 256-bit AES to protect PDF and non-pdf attachments without encrypting the PDF.
  • Support for older versions of AdobeAcrobat ® or Reader ®. Use 40-bit encryption or 128-bit RC4 encryption.
  • Set the user password to access, print, or update the document. And system administrator passwords. Allows you to change security Settings.
  • System administrator password immediately encrypts any file. Allows users to change previously encrypted files or reset encrypted files.
  • Set document permissions to control access, copy, document reference, and print instructions.