Companies typically use fax servers to send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime. Alfresco's built-in advanced fax server can send and receive faxes, create, share and sign documents. Send a fax to anyone in the contact list. Reads or adds a barcode to a document. Automatic sorting of faxes!

Alfresco Fax Support

Use the Alfresco fax server wherever you are. As long as there is a portable device connected to the Internet. You can send and receive faxes at any time. There is no need to worry about paper fax files being lost or discarded. Our innovative solutions have many special functions. Ability to send faxes to multiple recipients simultaneously. Able to automatically sort and sort files according to conditions.

With AlfrescoFax, you can send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere through Alfresco.

The direct result of digital transformation is cost reduction; No more fax machines, no more paper, no ink problems, no maintenance problems...

Can automatically generate collating sequence according to the number of the OCR fax machine or according to the reading of the bar code.

It's a "special device" that does more than just send faxes.

Electronic signature and digital signature

It is convenient for online document signature. When using digital signature, there is no need to print, sign and scan again.

What documents can I fax with Alfresco?

Send and receive faxes directly through Alfresco, as long as they are in text.

Set the time and send it regularly

If you need a fax that is convenient and autocomplete, leave the faxes to Alfresco.

Send faxes by E-mail

Can support sending and receiving faxes with email attachments, very simple!

Searchable fax

Use keywords or barcode Numbers to quickly find faxes.

Improve safety

Has powerful encrypted send options.

Document preview (Flash and HTML5)

You can preview and view your documents before sending a fax.

Enable qr code automation

You can add a qr code to the fax. When the customer sends it back to you, the system recognizes the bar code and puts the fax in the correct folder according to the information read.

Common questions about Alfresco fax servers

Alfresco fax server installation company local area network (LAN) is a software system of a category, so the company local area network (LAN) category of computer users can through the Alfresco send and receive fax, small and medium-sized fax server solutions and Alfresco can be integrated into a single server, if the number of connections for more than eight, advised to choose a fax server rental services.

First, install the fax server, then connect to Alfresco. Determine initial values for automatic file classification. And notify the relevant personnel who have access to the system.

For faxed files, faxed files will be sent to the appropriate folder, for example: Fax/Export/Phone Number/user/data. When you send the fax successfully, you will receive a confirmation that the document has been submitted correctly.

Of course, you can still use your current number.

Others can still communicate with you normally, just like a normal fax machine. They can contact the regular phone number through the Alfresco fax server number.

No problem. You can connect any number to the Alfresco fax server. For example, you might have two fax lines with 32 phone Numbers. The actual number of connections is unlimited.