Alfresco Support All File Types

No matter what kind of business you are in, you are faced with the situation of processing various documents. For example, a regular office environment, a research and development project, a sales business, a human resource management department, a marketing campaign, an intellectual property control system, an enterprise knowledge base, etc.

Sometimes the document is both paper and electronic. However, the various digital transformations that began many years ago have made us use paper documents less and less. Now, the daily PowerPoint presentations, sales spreadsheets, image files, video clips, CAD drawing files and so on have become the way people are used to working. All these work documents are called "content".

Document of the most common problem is that they have too many kinds, many things behind every document type is an important form the standard for a long time, such as Microsoft Office files, PDF file, along with a variety of images, graphics, design class file format, different areas of the file, there are powerful software system as support, and which also contains a lot of industry standards. Of course, also contains a variety of manufacturers in the state of competition.

Alfresco tries to support file formats for various existing scenarios, but how can you exhaust so many complex formats, and in particular, how can you support future file formats?

Alfresco's architecture guarantees support for files in any format, even unknown ones that are not yet available. The idea is that if you tell it how to parse a file format, it will support it.

Not only that, Alfresco supports converting between any two formats of files, as long as you tell it what you need to do to convert.

For example, Alfresco usually converts all file formats that require a preview to PDF, unless it is video or audio.

Different usage scenarios also come with different process requirements, for example, if your organization is involved in insurance and needs to convert paper forms into electronic files. The document is converted into a digital image file by scanning, and then the data is identified and extracted for storage and use. In this process, each link is likely to produce and use files in different formats. The mutual transformation and mutual substitution of these files also need complete support from the system.

Alfresco supported formats and sample files


Text file

  • .doc Microsoft Word document
  • .docx Microsoft Word Open XML document
  • .log file log
  • .msg Outlook mail messages
  • .odt OpenDocument format text document
  • .html page document
  • .rtf text files rich file format
  • LaTeX source files
  • .txt plain text file
  • . WPD WordPerfect document
  • . WPS Microsoft Works word processor document

Raster image file

  • . BMP bitmap image file
  • .gif graphic file format exchange
  • .jpg JPEG images
  • .png portable network graphics
  • .psd Adobe Photoshop document
  • The tga Targa graphics
  • .tif tag image file
  • Tiff tag image file format

Page layout file

  • .indd Adobe InDesign document
  • .pct image file
  • .pdf portable document format files

The data file

  • .csv comma separated value file
  • IBooks. Apple ebook format
  • .pps PowerPoint slides are displayed
  • .PPT, PowerPoint presentation
  • .pptx PowerPoint open XML presentation
  • The VCF vCard file
  • .xml XML file

Web documents

  • . Asp active server page
  • .asp file server activity extension file
  • .css cascading style sheets
  • .HyperTxt hypertext markup language files
  • .html hypertext markup language file
  • JavaScript.js file
  • .jsp Java server page
  • .php source code file for PHP
  • .rss rich site summaries
  • .xml extensible hypertext markup language file

E-form document

  • .xlr worksheet spreadsheet
  • XLS Excel spreadsheet
  • XLSX Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet

Audio file

  • Aif audio interchange file format
  • .m3u media playlist files
  • .m4a mpeg-4 audio file
  • The mid MIDI file
  • .mp3 audio file
  • .mpa mpeg-2 file file in audio
  • .wav WAVE audio file
  • .wma Windows media audio file
  • Tiff interchange file format
  • .out real audio file

Vector image file

  • Ai Adobe Illustrator files
  • .eps encapsulates PostScript files
  • A PostScript file
  • SVG scalable vector graphics file file

CAD file

  • DWG AutoCAD drawing database file
  • .dxf drawing format file interchange

Video file

  • .3g2 3GPP2 multimedia files
  • 3GP 3GPP multimedia file file
  • . Asf advanced system file format
  • .ASX Microsoft ASF file redirector
  • AVI audio video interleaved files
  • .flv Flash video file
  • ITunes video file M4V
  • Mov Apple QuickTime movies
  • .mpeg-4 video file mp4
  • MPG MPEG file of the file video
  • RM Real Media file
  • SRT SubRip subtitle file
  • VOB DVD object file file video
  • .wmv Windows media video file
  • .swf Shockwave Flash movies

GIS file

  • .gpx GPS exchange file file
  • . KML keyhole markup language file
  • .kmz Google earth landmarks file