Anti Virus

Alfresco integrated anti-virus software can prevent and detect malicious code in viruses in Alfresco files before data is destroyed or even leaked. Keep your data safe and your business safe.

Your benefits from Alfresco Antivirus

  • Protect your files. Each file may be infected with a virus before it is uploaded to the server.
  • You may be concerned about viruses on your computer and on the web.
  • How to protect your computer and network is safe under the threat of viruses and their malware.
  • Eliminate downtime, for example, having to waste valuable time on your computer because of a virus. Eliminate unnecessary time waste and steps such as detecting and removing viruses after damage
  • Protect data on your computer.
  • Make sure that people outside your organization have no access to your data, whether it's business or personal information.
  • Some viruses can access your email files and then send a virus email to everyone in the contact list. Therefore, we prevent automatic sending of emails to your system to maintain the security and reputation of your organization.
  • Reduce financial impact, such as eliminating the need to consult the service to get rid of the virus and recover lost data.
  • Legal issues, this is a good choice if the law requires it to verify that your organization has security precautions to protect email and customer information.