Electronic and digital signatures are key components of the digital transformation

Electronic and digital signatures can be generated, approved, processed and reviewed automatically, creating a convenient new working mode. No more paper, cost reduction is mainly to shorten the gap between you and your competitors in business process efficiency.

Digital Signature

Digital signature is of course much more efficient than the traditional method of printing first and then signing. The document to be signed is already in the process, and the signature after digital transformation is faster, safer and more efficient. The documents you hand or related to you can be checked at any time, the current status of the signed documents can be checked at any time, the problems in the signing process can be checked at any time, the paper and printer is also the best load reduction.

You can do this simply by using Alfresco, which is a completely web-based electronic signature approach that completely replaces the paper-based signature process without any problems.

What's more, by providing electronic signatures to create and customize standard operating procedures (SOP), we are truly combining strict regulation and standard procedures in the enterprise. Many other specifications are required in some use scenarios, such as the standard Laboratory Practices Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) or the standard Manufacturing Practices Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), where strict process and Practices are required.

Digital Signature The electronic signature
Digital Signature Tablets create electronic signatures
Digital Signature A variety of types
Digital Signature Electronic signature of CAD files
Digital Signature Electronic signature - reject
Digital Signature Electronic signature - approval

The characteristics of

  • 签署PDF文件
  • 签署多页文件
  • 签署微软Office 文件(Word,Excel,PowerPoint)
  • 签署AutoCAD
  • 多种印章、签章
  • 添加姓名,当前日期
  • 拖动移动,重新调整大小
  • 密码保护
  • 可以立即通过工作流的批准来签署文档
  • >对单一应用场景中的多页文件,你可以在其中选择某页作为签署页
  • 与工作流程整合
  • 适应更多屏幕 - 平板电脑,移动设备,电脑
  • 批量签署模式
  • 无限用户
  • 无限的签名
  • 您可以添加多个签名和印章
  • 您可以随意移动签名和图章,只需单击拖动和缩放签名即可
  • 可以输入名称 – 手写签名。签署文件的同时也是为了确认和批阅重要的文件。

Frequently asked questions about electronic and digital signatures

A digital signature (the digital signature standard) is a digital "signature" of a document, which means that any change to the document will cause the "signature" to be damaged and become invalid. The information of the signer in the seal cannot be modified, and the time of signing constitutes a complete signature. Digital signatures are much safer and more efficient than paper signatures. The digital signature system needs to verify the identity of the signer. Protect and verify important data in the document and ensure its integrity and not tampered with. .

Electronic signature is a way of signing documents online. By checking in the "signature image" on the page. Alfresco's solution lets you sign and forward through a web page. It allows businesses to quickly sign documents, saving more time. At any time and any place, there is no need to transfer paper documents, no need to scan and mark again and again, no need to associate and combine paper documents and electronic documents. The electronic signature law of the People's Republic of China has been implemented since April 1, 2005 to support the expansion of e-commerce in this era.

Digital signatures or this is often referred to as standard or advanced electronic signatures. It is one of the most secure electronic signatures and is widely accepted. Digital signature is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. PKI technology maintains data integrity and prevents the signer from denying responsibility for the document. You can also prevent copying or changing the digital signature. Digital signatures require a CA certificate or a proxy license. Certificates need to be issued before they can be used.

For electronic signatures. There is no need to apply for a certificate, but the following four points need to be met to be a reliable electronic signature:

  • When electronic signature is used to produce data for electronic signature, it belongs to the exclusive of electronic signatory.
  • At the time of signature, the electronic signature production data is only controlled by the electronic signer.
  • Any changes to the electronic signature after signature can be detected;
  • Any changes made to the content and form of the data message after signing can be detected.

Electronic signatures are commonly used for internal document signing and inter-organizational coordination. Electronic signatures are recognizable and verifiable. Fully enforceable and legally compliant, such as ISO standards, regulations, controls and audit documents from government agencies.

Of course, standard digital signatures provide "proof of authenticity" for documents.

Because it can identify users, maintain data integrity (because signed files cannot be changed), electronic files with signatures are also legal documents for disclaimers or burden of proof

It is an inevitable requirement for social development to transform from traditional working mode to digitalization.

Solve the cost problem of copying, printing, scanning, warehousing, finding and retrieving lost documents in traditional working methods.

Achieve business process automation, improve efficiency and shorten time

Operations in an e-signature environment are easier to optimize workflow and collaboration

The operating system under the electronic signature ensures accuracy and does not lose any data

The above is the effect of reducing operation cost and optimizing operation mode. Besides, more importantly, don't you think environmental protection is a more important issue?

Many processes require official approval or approval. More often than not, the number of processes requiring an organization or department's signature for approval increases more than expected. If you choose to use an electronic signature. Organizations can shorten process time, reduce costs, and improve collaboration and productivity.

Business operations and publicity

Performance reports of the board of directors; Corporate communications and public relations reporting; Investor relations; The financial statements

A legal document

Contract drafting agreement; Major agreements with service subcontractors

Administrative rules and regulations

Administrative regulations; Administrative applications

Other industry-specific documents

Design, drawings, plans, manufacturing instructions and reports, HIPAA patient and consent forms, medical records, clinical documents, laboratory reports and analytical certificates.

The human resources

Employee handbook; Staff welfare changes; New employees will be appointed. Account form; Performance appraisal; Insurance claims; Leave application; Transfer application

Customer service document

Customer service change order

Sales document

Quotation documents; Sales/service data collection; Sign contracts with customers

The purchasing department

Contract with supplier or subcontractor

Financial/accounting documents

Loan contract; Cost report and tax invoice approval; Data collection and grouping in financial statements (reports); Payment (check international remittances and electronic funds transfers between financial institutions); Statements relating to financial accounting; Order documents; Gift account; Submit an expense account to apply for

Documentation, quality control

Design approval; Drafting; Work plan; Production report; Patient consent to medical records; Experimental report; The results of the analysis