Use Alfresco to instantly convert all your files toPDF/A


If you are going to file electronic documents and keep them for A long time, A regular PDF file is not acceptable. It must be converted to PDF/A, which is also the strict PDF format used in federal courts in the United States. It is used not only for data presentation, but more importantly for archiving (A stands for archiving), so PDF/A is an archivable PDF format.

Why is PDF/A best for archiving?

PDF files are recognized today as the most flexible format for recording data types in a wide variety of formats, so PDF documents are best for storing information and are easy to use and can be used on all devices. However, this does not mean that every file in a.pdf document can be saved permanently.

The Alfresco PDF/A module provides you with the ability to convert PDF files to PDF/ a-1b and PDF/ a-2b in accordance with ISO 19005-1 or ISO 19005-2 (the mandatory standard for PDF/A).

In order to maintain long-term archives and ensure the accuracy of documents, some functions are needed, but some functions are not necessary, such as:

PDF/A contains at least some of the following restrictions:

  • You are not allowed to check in audio or video
  • Executable code, such as Javascript, is not allowed to be checked in
  • All used fonts must be embedded in the document and cannot reference any fonts outside the OS
  • No encryption is allowed
  • Only standards-based metadata is allowed

According to ISO 19005-1, converting PDF documents to PDF/A ensures that you will be able to view and use the documents without any problems, now or for many years to come.

Meet the requirements of ISO 19005-1 standard

When you convert PDF files to PDF/A, Alfresco's PDF/A module preparation tool will make your files error free. To avoid content that does not conform to the ISO 19005-1 standard, the tool includes the following functions:

  • Automatically resolves problems in documents
  • Make sure there is no problem with the file structure
  • Use streaming compression. Modify the external link to the external preview file (such as video, or pictures), repair the external content has been deleted
  • Gamut compatible with all devices
  • Replace the RGB color value with the embedded target color profile
  • Fixed missing embedded fonts, and other missing fonts
  • Fully validate each font and replace it with all embedded fonts
  • Solve the stability problem of metadata
  • Format the new metadata and embed it in the archive
  • Remove unstable information
  • Except for data that cannot be displayed, such as audio and video files. And fix some appearance problems and glitches with the data that can be displayed
  • Other problems with poor performance
  • Cancel all executable commands, such as JavaScript and ImportData

How do you ensure that all your documents are kept permanently

Just because you can view documents in a PDF reader doesn't mean you can save PDF documents for a long time. Nor should it, because you have to check if each file can be converted to PDF/A?

Alfresco's PDF/A module allows you to convert multiple PDFS into PDF/A formats that meet the requirements of ISO 19005-1 or 19005-2, allowing your files to be used without concern even in the distant future.