Enterprise content management

Alfresco's electronic content management function manages large amounts of structured and unstructured, as well as clinical and non-clinical, data for each hospital and/or health system, keeping things in order.

As an open source solution, Alfresco can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and provides advanced management tools to effectively manage the large number of documents generated for each patient. Version control ensures that users are viewing the latest documents, and a user-friendly interface ensures that users can find the information they need once.

It is also valuable for managing data from non-clinical and non-business sectors, such as logistics, to streamline operations and really improve business efficiency.

As a standalone content management solution, it can also be used with the vendor-neutral archive (VNA) of Alfresco, which provides a scalable enterprise management platform and a single repository for structured and unstructured critical data.

  • Scan files
  • Medical imaging
  • cases
  • Clinical communication (e. g. letters)
  • Laboratory results
  • Patient management system
  • Electronic medical records
  • Electronic patient medical records
  • Clinical portal
  • Compatible with DICOM medical equipment

Electronic medical records

For healthcare providers, Alfresco is an easily integrated enterprise content management (ECM) system for merging, managing, and securely sharing unstructured patient healthcare content. Alfresco by supplement and extension EMR, from the patient's electronic medical record for clinical doctors to obtain all the required information (including structured and unstructured information) provide a comprehensive view, instant response and Alfresco is a highly flexible platform, is used to promote EHR and paperless project, help improve the quality of medical services, medical institutions and efficiency.

The clinician may understand the patient's history comprehensively in the nursing spot, thus improves the nursing service and the nursing result. No more switching back and forth between different professional systems, or endless waiting for paper reports or records. This is a better experience for clinicians and patients, and is a key step towards achieving EMR and paperless tasks.

Electronic medical records (EMR) systems cannot provide a complete view of a patient's medical history because they are not designed to manage unstructured patient data. Alfresco makes it possible for existing EMR systems to provide a complete view of a patient's medical history by providing access to 50 percent or more of the patient's electronic information that is not stored in the EMR, such as test results, scan results and medical images.

Vendor neutral file (VNA)

Alfresco offers more than a simple digital repository of medical images. By separating content from the medical imaging archive and communication system (PACS), Alfresco connects DICOM and non-dicom clinical content based on open source standards and allows for easy sharing of information between multiple PACS. Alfresco allows users to quickly and efficiently query, search, and retrieve data, putting patient information at the user's fingertips, regardless of the original source.

Alfresco VNA ensures the security of patient data by controlling access rights and keeping a complete audit (history) of user access to the system. Data integrity is also Paramount, and Alfresco VNA does compliance checks at every step of its business execution.

Alfresco VNA can be configured to meet the needs of different departments or sites while enabling secure, direct data sharing. By leveraging Alfresco VNA, healthcare providers will adhere to best practices and meet the interoperability and data availability requirements recommended by government regulations, while meeting stringent performance benchmarks.

  • Scalable, flexible, organization-wide solutions
  • Supports DICOM and non-dicom objects
  • Beyond PACS upgrades and replacements
  • Open source solutions allow for seamless integration with other systems
  • Maintain patient data privacy and security

Clinical cooperation

Alfresco's open hybrid cloud platform helps meet the need for a more interactive health record and a more continuous patient experience. Medical institutions can establish a secure collaborative space where all stakeholders in the process of diagnosis and care, including patients, have access to up-to-date patient information. Providers can proactively coordinate interdisciplinary and interfacility care to provide more efficient and effective care. Alfresco helps recommend doctors and specialists, and hospitals connect with remote employees and medical teams (such as mental health, social services and other care partners).

  • From hospitals to GPS to social services to provide better, more collaborative patient experiences for healthcare providers.
  • Provide critical information wherever it is needed - securely on any device.
  • Establish a secure collaborative space where all stakeholders - including patients - have access to up-to-date information.

Clinical process automation

Automate and modernize your clinical processes by using Alfresco Activiti - from admission to discharge, improving the flow of information throughout the diagnosis and treatment process. Activiti's intuitive interface makes it easy for non-technical users to create electronic forms, and its high-performance process engine automatically flows information to where it is needed. Clinical teams can collaborate more effectively and departments can eliminate inefficient paper-based forms processes. Patients are also no longer bothered because they do not have to repeat runs or be repeatedly collected with the same information.

Activiti turns a traditional paper-driven process into an automated, auditable process. Instead of extracting work from the task pool, Activiti ensures that tasks follow predefined processes and push them into individual or group queues. Activiti prevents process drift, minimizes the risk of tasks getting lost in the network, and provides a complete audit history.

Alfresco Activiti brings great value to the clinical workflow of the healthcare industry and benefits from increased efficiency by streamlining the recommendation process. Non-clinical processes such as FOI requests and complaints can be effectively managed to reduce the risk of costly litigation.

  • Enables healthcare professionals to easily create e-forms and optimize workflow while minimizing IT involvement
  • Automatically route information and optimize care paths across multiple clinical systems
  • Eliminate inefficient paper processes and reduce the frustration of patients with repetitive fillers.