Reimagine the history of insurance customers

New insurance background

Enhancing digital capabilities throughout the insurance life cycle is not as complex or challenging as it may seem. A new generation of digital business platforms has enabled insurers to think big, start small and make rapid progress.

Now new disruptive forces are transforming the insurance industry. Challenging market conditions, changing customer behavior, and a unique combination of new digital preferred market entrants threaten long-standing and consistently profitable business models. It seems that new insured value propositions are being created, and old ones are being disturbed daily - all driven by the rapid spread of digitization.

Customers with mobile phones and social media accounts want to interact with insurers as quickly and easily as digital companies such as, didi and youku. They have higher expectations for 24/7 accessibility, usability, personalization, and self-service. They are undeniably controlled and, using online comparison tools and digital agents, can be easily purchased or exchanged for new insurance companies.

Meanwhile, some start-ups are making new tweaks to how insurance works. They not only offer innovations based on the use and peer-to-peer insurance products, but also set new standards for how to sell, service and attract policyholders in the digital age. Their simplified and modern purchasing and claims processes save customers and operators time and money.

It's time to go digital

In the face of these challenges, established insurers - whether property and accident, life and annuity, reinsurance or professionals - must go beyond traditional methods and techniques.

It's hard to go digital when your business core is still firmly running in analog mode. Even today, the insurance business involves a lot of paper pushing, manual switching and re-encrypting data. McKinsey identified a core insurance process that accounts for 80 to 90 per cent of all client activity. A staggering 70% of these core processes are still largely manual.

What's more, many insurers are saddled with inflexible, disconnected systems that slow or disrupt the flow of information. These legacy systems do not support digital initiatives for modern working practices and first-class customer interaction.

Much has been said and written about the digital transformation of the insurance industry, but one thing is clear: the risks of inaction on the digital side now outweigh the risks of action. While overcoming traditional challenges may seem daunting, insurers can use modern digital business platforms to "digitize" in many low-cost, lightweight ways.

Enhanced digital processing - journey across customers

Insurers can use the Alfresco platform to digitize document-driven processes in the business history of insurance customers - from filing applications, underwriting and claims, to ongoing communications with policy holders. By automating and accelerating these core processes, insurers can achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience through smoother, faster and more convenient services.

  • 应用程序处理:通过捕获正确的信息并交付,准备好进行承保处理,缩短从应用程序到报价的时间,比以前更快。
  • 承保:通过更直接的处理以及快速,准确和协作地承保风险的能力,提高承保卓越性和效率。
  • 索赔处理:不良索赔经验是客户流失的主要原因。通过更快,更顺畅的索赔解决方案,提高保单持有人的满意度和忠诚度。
  • 客户沟通:通过高效,合规和可审计的沟通计划降低与客户通信相关的风险和成本

We don't just want to implement a new system. We want to revolutionize the way we do business.

Brian GrayCIO, Baldwin&Lyons, Inc

Ten of the world's biggest insurers have cut processing times by 20%

Challenge: content storage in underwriting systems lacks the flexibility and workflow automation required for digital processing.

Alfresco platform

25 of the world's top insurers standardize cloud solutions to improve underwriting performance

Challenge: nine data centers lack global content management standards, resulting in delayed and inefficient underwriting processes.

Alfresco platform

Leading transportation insurers have simplified claims

Challenges: paper-based mailroom policies and claims processing are slow and difficult to access content stored in more than a dozen disconnected systems.

Alfresco platform

Digitalization has the power to reshape your business

The Alfresco digital business platform complements and extends the core insurance system to enhance the digitalization capabilities across the policy lifecycle.

You can modernize inefficient processes, improve the insurance customer experience, and quickly track digital plans -- all to minimize risk and disruption.

It's time to start.