Alfresco and Microsoft

The general way to access Alfresco is to use a browser, because Alfresco is also a B/S system.

However, if you already have ms-office installed on your computer, Alfresco will "automatically sense" the presence of Office, and it will automatically sense and integrate no matter how far it is from you. This allows you to use Office as Alfresco's "user client," or "user interface."

For example, you can access Alfresco directly from Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. This means that you can browse, open, edit, and save any Microsoft Office document without having to go through a browser to access Alfresco.

You can also access Alfresco via a browser or by mapping a local network disk.

Edit documents in Mircosoft Office

Open the document in the local Office program:

  • Opening documents in Alfresco through Office is as convenient as opening local files. Any changes you make are automatically saved back to Alfresco without you having to do anything special, which also makes the Alfresco integration of Office completely invisible to you
  • You can also invoke your locally installed Office directly from your browser. The method is to open, browse, edit, or save a file in local Office by clicking "edit in Microsoft Office" in Alfresco to launch the local Office program
  • This integration not only keeps the browser easy to access Alfresco, but also gives full play to the powerful ability of Microsoft Office to process documents, so as to achieve the combination of strong and seamless integration

Document locking and unlocking

  • When a document is edited, Alfresco automatically locks the document to prevent others from making changes.
  • The locked file can be unlocked by clicking on the "unlock document" in the operation, which can prevent someone from locking the file for a long time and ignoring the use right of others
  • However, the usual way to unlock a file is to automatically unlock it when you save it after you've modified it.

Preview the edited document in Alfresco

  • Word has the ability to turn on "redaction". If in "redaction mode", when you modify the document, the content will be automatically displayed in green, and you can easily find the places you have modified
  • When a document is modified, the version of the document is automatically updated so that if you want to cancel the last change (that is, the current version), you can always revert to the previous version

Browse, open, edit, and save Alfresco documents directly from Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office can connect to Alfresco's repository using SharePoint and access it as easily as local files. You can browse and open Alfresco files directly from Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and save them directly after editing.

Create and save documents directly to Alfresco in Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office can use SharePoint to mount Alfresco repositories directly, so you can create documents (Word documents, powerpoint documents, Excel documents, etc.) in Microsoft Office programs and save them directly to Alfresco

Map network drives (WebDAV, CIFS)

Alfresco supports the WebDAV protocol and the CIFS protocol. So, you can use the Alfresco repository as a network mapping disk to your local computer, and different directories can map different disks.

  • If it is a Microsoft operating system, CIFS is the most convenient
  • If you're an apple Mac, you can use WebDAV to map
  • If it's a Linux system, you can use WebDAV to map it