Definition of small business:

Alfresco doesn't differentiate between industries, so here are four ways to quickly determine if it's a good fit

  • The number of enterprises is small, but the content of the documents is large, which requires a lot of energy to manage
  • Documents need to be co-edited, managed, and used, sometimes versioned, online previewed, and so on
  • Need to share content with external people or organizations, similar to the special function of the network disk
  • Don't want to spend too much money

Basis function

  • Document management
  • research all
  • Recording traces of operation
  • Personnel and authority management
  • Multiple classification methods, support labels
  • Document discussion

Advanced features

  • Company private network disk
  • Office file comparison
  • Process management/li>
  • Smart folder
  • Rule definition

Custom service

  • Customize around documents, people, processes
  • Customized personalization plugin
  • Integrate third-party systems


  1. System requirements: support any version of Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Linux
  2. Processor: CPU 4 core or above, main frequency 2.5ghz or above
  3. Hard disk space: above 20G
  4. Memory: over 8GB
  5. Deployment: support Intranet or cloud
  1. System environment initialization, patch installation, module installation and environment configuration optimization
  2. Alfresco system installation, patch installation, configuration, and performance optimization
  3. Implementation and configuration of party a's business requirements
  4. Product specific training services
  5. Provides 3 months of remote support
  6. Provide system update and upgrade service
  7. Provide permanent remote consultation and problem solving services