A web-based team collaboration platform

A site is a basic form of team collaboration, and any team can set up its own site

Any site has been prepared for the members of the site some collaboration tools, such as wikipedia, BBS, team calendar, blog posts, work report, email import, team site collection, etc., these tools are also based on access control, such as some people can edit, some people can't edit, some people can add and remove, some people don't add and delete can only modify the content.

Workflows can also be started within the site, and the site can record and save all information about team collaboration

Site calendar

  • Manage the team's collective schedule and plans
  • You can tag the calendar so that you can filter out the desired calendar content
  • ICal feeds are also available for team calendars, which you can subscribe to and sync with from your client calendar application

Site wiki

  • Wikis are created for groups to work together on job descriptions, manuals, and collaboration rules
  • Wikis can also be annotated, and different versions can be recorded during the writing process. Anyone with authority can view the version history of wikis
  • Wikipedia provides RSS feeds that team members can subscribe to using their favorite client tools
  • During wiki authoring, you can add any content source from the repository, such as an image or another document to the wiki

Site to discuss

  • The discussion is similar to BBS, which is used to provide interactive discussion for team members, where members can discuss relevant work content, and the discussion content can also refer to any resource in the repository, as long as there are permissions
  • You can also tag each post in BBS
  • The BBS topic is the main thread of every discussion, and those who participate in the discussion can reply to the topic just like BBS
  • Any team member can participate in the discussion, or among themselves, as long as they have the authority

Blog site

  • Blogs are usually used to record time-sensitive content, such as the team's work log, work progress, the system will automatically archive the blog by time to the corresponding month
  • The difference between a blog and a wiki, in addition to being time-sensitive, is that blogs can comment and respond

A link to the site

  • When team members collaborate, they often need to share some external or internal connections. Such connections must have a place to store them
  • You can also set a tag for each connection that will quickly locate the desired connection
  • Just click on the connection to open it, and you can also set whether to open it in the current window or in a new window

Data list

  • A data list is a pre-configured report that records various relational data for the team. Various listable data can be placed here, such as various event lists, event schedules, task lists, meeting agendas, Location list, to-do list, simple task list, contact list, question list, etc.